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Are you a Teacher, Occupational Therapist, Psychologist or other Professional interested in students with learning and behavioural challenges? If so, you may be interested in further training to have a broader understanding of the relationship between a child’s early development and learning and to learn an approach to assist the student so they can learn and function in a way consistent with their ability and potential. The Extra Lesson® is a complimentary training for professionals in this field because it provides a way to understand and bring about change for the students that do the program. It is a dynamic area to work in and a worthwhile path to for further learning.

The Extra Lesson Institute Pty Ltd.

The Extra Lesson® Training Course is a part-time course over a three year period for teachers and other professionals who are interested in working with children with learning and/or behavioural difficulties.

The Extra Lesson® Training Course is based on The Extra Lesson®, which was developed by Audrey McAllen in England from the holistic developmental perspective of Rudolf Steiner’s education of the child. The child’s early development lays the foundation for later learning and behaviour. The Extra Lesson® has been further developed in Australia to include recent research in the areas of learning difficulties and behavioural disorders to maintain the professional standards required for work in this area.

The course runs over 6 semesters. In each semester there is an intensive 5-6 day intensive workshop and a practice teaching requirement. The modules are made up of a range of topics which are cumulative and progressive, so that gradually the theory and practice build and inter-relate. The modules are not taught as separate units but are covered over several workshops.

The Modules
Module 1 General Anatomy and Physiology.
Module 2 Child Development and Rudolf Steiner’s Philosophy.
Module 3 The Extra Lesson® Assessment.
Module 4 The Extra Lesson® Program.
Module 5 Educational Practices and Professional Issues.
Module 6 Practicum I, II, III, IV, V - Supervised Practice Teaching.

The modules include a range of topics including:
• The Birthing Process
• Phases of Child Development
• Movement and Sensory Development
• Development of Primitive and Postural reflexes
• The 12 senses and their metamorphosis
• Spatial Orientation and Body Geography
• Laterality
• The Development of Children’s Drawings
• The Constitutional Picture of the Child
• School Readiness
• Background to The Extra Lesson®
• The Extra Lesson® Assessment and Exercises
• Planning an Individual Program
• Painting and Drawing
• Dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADD, ADHD, Aspergers, Autism
• Behaviour Management
• Standardised Testing
• Report Writing
• Child Protection and Professional Issues

This course is a training or re-training for professionals to gain the knowledge and skills to be able to work using a one to one educational intervention program for children with learning and behavioural difficulties. To enquire Email or call:

Mariane Judd 0402 133 382 in Canberra

Course Co-ordinators

Mariane Judd is a registered psychologist with a teaching background and has worked with the Extra Lesson for over 24 years. She completed a PhD and established the Person, House, Tree Drawing, which is part of the Extra Lesson assessment procedure, as an evidence based assessment tool. Her Masterís thesis showed that Extra Lesson improved children's literacy skills. Mariane is in private practice and is co-director of a centre in Canberra enhancing the lives of children, adolescents and adults.

Annette Barone, is a psychologist and has a Masterís degree in Child and Adolescent Health. She has worked with the Extra Lesson for over 17 years, in schools and private practice.

Virginia Lawson is a paediatric occupational therapist who specialises in working with children with sensory processing problems. She has practised the Extra Lesson for the last 13 years and co-directs the centre in Canberra with Mariane.

Lindy Peters has a teaching background and has practised the Extra Lesson for over 15 years in New Zealand. She is currently working as an Extra Lesson practitioner and a Special Education Needs Coordinator in a Steiner school. She is also part of a therapeutic group which includes practitioners from other modalities.

Course Representatives Asia Pacific Region

Smitha Kandula is our representative in India who is a teacher and principal of her school in Hyderabad, Blooming Buds. She is a graduate of the first Extra Lesson training in India and has been actively involved in the training in Hyderabad for several years.

Chiako Okumara is our representative in Japan and graduated from the first training course in Osaka. She has been practising the Extra Lesson for several years.

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