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Research into the Effects of Extra Lesson

Research into the effects of The Extra Lesson® on children diagnosed with AD/HD showed decreases in all the indicators including inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. Social skills improved and all the children made significant academic gains. The student’s fine and gross motor skills improved as did other areas of sensory integration. The parents commented that that their children were happier, more focused, better organized, fought less with their siblings and now had real friends.

The 5 case study children, after 20 weeks, had made an average gain of 13.6 months reading accuracy and 24 months comprehension on Neale Analysis of Reading Test; 13.8 months in the Western Australian Spelling Test; 19.2 months in numeracy using the Basic Number Screenng Test and 24.4 months on the Draw A Person Test (DAP).
Unpublished MEd Thesis L. Craig 2001

Case Studies

Overheard by a teacher of two 13 year olds...
Girl to boy: “How come you are always in trouble?”
Boy: “I dont know. How come you are such a goody goody?”
Girl: “I used to be really naughty and then I did Extra Lesson and now I’m just not (naughty)”!

A 17-year-old girl was failing at school, although she worked hard. Her wish was to improve her marks and gain her H.S.C. After an Extra Lesson program her mother reported that she had improved from marks around 45% to achieve 70% in English, 60% in Art and 55% for Geography and attained her H.S.C.

A 14 year old had always received assistance in a small school. Moved to a large High School felt like a failure as reading and Maths were at a Grade 2 level, consequently an IQ test was administered and showed low average results. After a year of Extra Lesson the student had another IQ test and the results were in the average range, moved to a new school and that year read a novel for the first time with no help. The student completed Year 12 and went onto further study.


The parents of a child diagnosed with dyspraxia, whose speech was very difficult to understand, maintained that his speech developed as he progressed with Extra Lesson.


A very bright 8 year old girl, whose behaviour was oppositional and defiant, was starting to fall behind at school. The parents reported that with The Extra Lesson® the child,s behaviour improved as well as her academics skills and she was elected to be Class Captain and her grades were at the top of the class..


A 7 year old boy, diagnosed with ADHD, falling behind academically. After doing The Extra Lesson® he exceeded his age group in both reading and mathematics and his mother reported that his behaviour had improved to the extent that he was no longer in trouble at school and recognised as talented.


A 9 year old girl, several years behind in reading and maths, feeling a failure, a TV addict, refusing to do homework and always loosing things. After The Extra Lesson® program she read and performed in maths to above age level. No longer watched TV because she was too involved in activities like debating and swimming. The child’s comment was ‘If I keep doing The Extra Lesson® will I become a genius?’


Research into the effect of The Extra Lesson® on 15 students with learning difficulties, showed that students improved, on average by 22 months in reading accuracy and 23 months in reading comprehension after 7 months in the program. (Extract from M.Ed Thesis, M. Judd 1997).

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